The Brain Behind The Beauty: Meet Dr. Spencer




My name is Dr. April Spencer,  Founder and Chief operating surgeon of Dr. Spencer Global Breast Health & Wellness Center. I am a Board- Certified General Surgeon. As an MD Anderson Cancer Center (MDACC) fellowship-trained breast surgeon, specialized in in the management of both benign and cancerous breast conditions. 

Grace, Grit, Faith and an Appreciation for the tenacity of the human spirit have been my beacons in life. I was born in Chicago, and raised in inner-city Atlanta surrounded by a loving family. My journey to become a physician, however, required an intrepid pursuit in the face of impossible odds. I continue to be both humbled and inspired by every waking day, and I am grateful to share this love of life with our family. 

As a MDACC fellowship-trained breast surgeon, I will settle for nothing less than excellence in patient care delivery and outcomes.I have created a breast center committed to comprehensive breast cancer treatment plans using a multidisciplinary model. This model is a patient-centered approach, collaborating with leading oncologic experts to formulate the best possible plan for each unique patient. We pride ourselves on using the One Patient, One Place, One Plan approach!

My team provides 100% breast surgical services to women, men and adolescents with dignity and detail. Our services range from managing common problems like breast pain to diagnosing and surgically treating advanced breast cancer. I am personally and professionally committed to serving the community as a speaker, author, consultant and lecturer on breast health, breast cancer prevention in addition to safe and effective treatment strategies. Helping you to become the best version of yourself is my top priority, and my entire team is equally committed to this goal.

Our Global Breast Health & Wellness Center takes pride in leading our patients on an empowering and inspirational journey to wellness, while maintaining our 3 core values: COMPETENCY, CUSTOMER SERVICE and COMPASSION.

I am now proud to serve as the Owner and CEO of my own cosmetics and skin care line, Taylor Made. My vision for this line since 2014 is to provide a safe and sophisticated choice in cosmetics and skin care for men, women and young girls.Taylor Made products are Phalate and Paraben-free, with powerful pigments that last all day. Taylor Made is a welcome and long-awaited addition to this amazing journey of transformation from your Breast Health to your Best Health® . Let's treat it, beat it, move on® !