Our Story

What was my inspiration behind creating Taylor Made Cosmetics?
The inspiration came as a whisper. In 2014,  I was asked to write an article entitled “Beauty and Breast Cancer.” While doing the research to write the article, I couldn’t believe what I learned: everyday beauty products contain an unacceptable amount of carcinogens. Over the next few years, the whispers in my mind telling me I owe it to make-up lovers to act, got louder and louder. The readers as well as my patients began to inquire about non-carcinogenic makeup and skin care products. Shortly thereafter, I made the commitment to make my whispers a reality. 
Why did I want to start a line of cosmetics? 
Quite frankly, there was not a line out there that was good enough. More specifically, consumers desired beauty products that were clean with amazing colors. I feel very passionately about breast cancer patients and all consumers  having safe, beautiful make-up on the market. No one should have to choose between clean and color. When you deserve both. My line offers that. 
What is the significance of the name Taylor Made?
I am constantly in awe of my 8 year old daughter’s strength and confidence in a world where having either can be a challenge for young girls. I want to honor my admiration of her by continuing to empower her through my celebration of who she is and what is yet to come. Also, if Taylor does began wearing make-up, I want to empower her to make wise consumer choices. Our Taylor Made Tweens products range from clean glosses to safe day creams with SPF for fun in the sun. Managing the beauty messaging was a priority. Some inspiring colors are named, Orange U Smart, Clearly CleverS.T.E.A.M Sparkle, Ravenous Reader, and Awesome Athlete!
Out of all of the products that have launched thus far, which is my favorite? 
That’s so hard. I love so many of them. For my daytime look, I won’t go out of the house without our moisturizing SPF 50 Day Cream , Precision Eye Brow Pencil in Deep Brunette, Liquid Matte Lipstick, My Gurl and Luxury Matte, Buckhead Betty. For evening wear, Luxury Matte Lipstick, Madame Mayer topped with Liquid Luster, Decatur Dazzle. I end with our Exfoliating Enzyme Scrub and Vitamin C Night Cream. 
Why did I choose to go with bright, fun shades as well as more neutral shades?
Taylor Made offers everything from warm, soft and sophisticated shades ranging from barely there colors like Chastain Chestnut, Midtown Mauve and Piedmont Parc to bright, bubbly hues like Buckhead Betty, Muzak Midtown and Varsity Vixen!
Is there a reason behind the variety of shades? 
Absolutely, I am passionate about  ensuring that  there’s something Taylor Made for everyone! 
Do some of the colors have special significance? 
Yes. Our  New Life Through Lipstick (NLTL) colors are named after my breast cancer patients that have gotten their wings. What’s unique is that all of these women were under the age of 40 at the time of their breast cancer diagnosis and death.  For example, I diagnosed Marissa with breast cancer at age 25. Much like her, Marissa represents  our Luxury Matte Lipstick. It is a soft, beautiful, natural color. Jyoti was diagnosed at age 26. Her color is from our Liquid Matte Lipstick collection.  Jyoti Joy,  is a vibrant pink that matched her joyous personality. A portion of the proceeds from the purchase of these colors go to provide resources to young patients diagnosed with breast cancer. These ladies are often the most overlooked underfunded group. My hope is that as we continue to raise awareness, there will be less and less NLTL colors.
What sets my line apart from other cosmetic and skincare brands?
It’s a non-carcinogenic makeup and skincare line designed by a breast cancer surgeon that sees first-hand the potential  impact of consumer-choices in the development of cancer.
How does my experience as a breast surgeon influence the ingredients and clinical process behind the creation of Taylor Made? 

I  pride myself  in being committed to using ingredients focused on botanicals for pigments, peptides for anti-aging and natural brightening and detoxifying substrates such as Vitamin C and Licorice. Each product is tailored to create a clean and healthy option for my breast cancer patients and any health-conscious beauty consumer. Although surgery is an important part of healing, prevention has a far more profound impact.

What inspires me ?
My breast cancer patients and my daughter are my inspiration to celebrate women, men and girls through my cosmetics line. We’re here to remind consumers that we are all born Taylor Made already. Our goal is to inspire and remind consumers to own it and honor their unique selves with Cleanliness, Clarity and Confidence!